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Meet The CEO/Owner!!


Full Name:

Nwabueze Chukwuemeka

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www.Interbizworld.net (on 15th April 2010 was registered with the records Of The Office Of Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, Nigeria) & offers affordable professional website design services, domain name registration and secure state-of-the-art reliable web hosting services to clients in Nigeria and worldwide. We accept Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit via GTBank, Keystone Bank, & Eco Bank! Website design packages from only N20,000 one-time website design fee. And Recurring Amount of N10,000 Annually.




Practical Step-By-Step Training On How  Anybody Can Totally Design A Website Even  Without Even Writing A Single Line Of Code... Guaranteed


Nigeria Imo State based professional web development Company is organizing a one on one Web design training for inspiring to be website designers and developers. We will take you by the hand and train you how to program or design professional looking website from simple flashy to dynamic web presence. Integrate various website development features e.g. Animation, motion, forms, web passwording; video , audio on website and Website applications: Advert system, affiliate system etc. All done without you having to write a single Line of code.


If You Are In Abia , Rivers , Crossriver , Imo, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, Anambra and Enugu States Or In It's Environs, Join Me On The 20th Of July, 2013 At Crunches Fast Food Hall, No 223 St Finbarrs Road, Umuahia,  Abia State. As I Expose The  Secret Of How I Make N50,000 Weekly Designing Beautiful Websites For Nigerians Without

Writing A Single Line Of Code!!!


Only 10 Seats Are Available


If you miss to attend this training now, You might have to pay N15,000 or more to learn it the next time we reschedule, That is if we would reschedule it again.




Training Date:


Training Venue:



Training Time:


Saturday July 20th, 2013


Crunches Fast Food Hall, No 223 St Finbarrs Road, Umuahia,  Abia State.


10.00am Prompt.


(Registration Starts by 9.am. You have to be there early so you can check into the hall.)


No Of Seats:  Only 20 Seats are available for this practical training and its on a first register first serve basis.


Important Info:  We don't accept Registrations at the venue for security reasons. Register now to secure your slot



Complete Course Outline Of This WebDesign Training


STEP 1. Website Design.


STEP 2.  Integration.

- How To Create A Web Page

- How To Add Extra Webpages

- How To Add Pictures To Your site

- How To Put Text On Your Website

- How to create Title, Keyword, Description and tell there meanings
- How to link to other website
- How to create hyperlink(s)
- How to create Anchor links
- How to create a tutorial like pages

- How to create pages to redirect with time you specify.

- How to link all your webpages together.

- How to install chart room on a website.

- How to name your webpages

- How to publish your website


- How to create downloadable link
- How to upload downloadable contents
- How to integrate website form e.g. Survey Request form, Application form etc.
- How to add a contact us of feedback form that links directly with your email.
- How to create  subdomain and upload it
- How to create navigation bar
- How to create Web Photo gallery

- How to put a video on website
- How to put audio  on website e.g.

- How to create web submenu

- How to add your page background colour


Blogging Workshop Module


Advanced Blogging Workshop

What is blogging ?

- Business uses for blog

- How to market your blog

- Corporate blogging

- How to write and update your blog

- How to use blogging platforms

- How to monitor your blog

- Blogging and public relations

- How to choose a blogging niche

- How to promote your blog using facebook

- How to advertise your blog online and offline

- How to dominate search engines and increase your page rank on google without spending a dime

- How to build a community of readers within a short period of time

- How to add image  favicon to your blog

- How to create posts and posts pages.

- How to publish your blog


- Where and how to create a blog

- How to choose and design a blog template

- How to add a custom domain name to your blog

- How to add Rss feeds to your blog

- How to add blog archive to your blog

- How to add comments feed to your blog

- How to add popular post titles to your blog

- How to add related posts links

- How to add social media plugin

- How to add site search to your blog

- How to change your blog background colour

- How to change your post background colour

- How to add post labels to your posts

- Rss feeds and how to market with them


Forum Workshop Module


Advanced Forum Workshop

- What is a forum ?

- ten ways you can use to make money online with an online forum

- How to dominate search engines without spending a dime on google adwords

- How to promote your forum using facebook

- How to build a community of readers and turn them to members within a short period of time

- How to choose a domain name for your forum

- How to insert forum statistics into your forum


- How to install your forum on your domain name

- How to setup your forum membership registration system

- How to add or delete members

- How to add message boards to your forum

- How to moderate your online business forum

- How to add latest member quick info

- How to message all your forum members

- How to change your forum background theme.


STEP 7. Animation.


STEP 8. Logo Creation.

- How to add scrolling texts that moves right to left

- How to add scrolling texts that moves left to right

- How to add blinking texts

- How to add Upward scrolling texts

- How to add downward scrolling texts

- How to make texts change colour when a mouse is placed over it

- How to add banner ads that displays pictures in a timed sequence

- How to add bouncing texts using alternate behaviour

- How to add a flash button that can be used as ''order'' or ''click here button''

- How to create animated flash banners for your website


You'll learn how to design any logo of your choice be it a company, business, or stamp logo, We'll show you how to do it from the scratch  just like the logo you have above this webpage.

STEP 9. Domain Registration And Web Hosting.

- What is a domain name

- How to choose a custom domain name for your website

- How and where to register domain name

- What is web hosting

- How to choose a web host

- How to manage your cpanel

- Where to host your website

- How to publish to your domain name

- How to renew your web hosting


Some Of The  Animations That We Are Going To Teach You  !!


You'll Be Able To Build Beautiful Websites Like These Ones








Here Are Some Snapshots From Our Past Webdesign Class




The people that you are seeing in the above pictures are individuals like you who took action and registered for this same training, Today they have become some of the most sought after website designers in the country.


Most of them make as much as N30,000 every single week either by building websites for people or rebuilding already existing websites. If you'll like to end that financial struggle of your, Here is another opportunity to do it.


Note: that the only requirement for you to become a website designer/developer is to know what is computer and can concentrate during the web training. Leave the rest to us, You will be surprised about the result at the end of your web design training.


The simple truth remains that everywhere you turn in Nigeria today, there is a huge desperate market for websites and those who know how to build them are the ones that will rake in the cash.. consider the following:  A single website project can earn you between N10,000 to N300,000 and you can complete it in less than 48hours for small and medium sized jobs. There is money to be made in website design. The jobs are there waiting, the job owners are willing to pay and you can get in now if you know exactly what to do and how to do it.


Simply Pay Just N35,000 Only Into Any Of The Bank Accounts Below !!


Step 1:






Account Name      :   Nwabueze Chukwuemeka

Account Number :   3631233299


Account Name      :   Nwabueze Chukwuemeka

Account Number :   6015995423


Step 2:



  Text ''Reserve my seat'',Your teller number, Name of bank you paid to (Keystone or Ecobank), Amount You Paid, Your full name, Email address and phone number to 07034448879


Step 3:




  After payment, we shall confirm your payment from the bank and then send you an sms containing your seat number and direction to the training venue and how to get there.







  You'll keep receiving updates from us till the training date so make sure the details you'll be sending to us are your correct and personal details. Make sure you come along with your payment teller to the venue because it will serve as your ticket to enter the hall.

Note: The N35,000 that you are paying covers

  Your training fees
  Training materials both on Video CD and ebooks
  Website Design Software
  Continuous Online mentorship after the training


Only those who register for this training this week will have access to this Training materials, Videos and Web design soft wares.


Let me remind you that these materials are worth N96,000 in real value and will only be given to the 20 people who register for this life transforming practical website design training.


OPTION 1 -  Simply Buy Our Complete Step by Step Tutorials


IF you can't attend this training due to time, distance or location, Don't worry we have a solution for you. Get our do-it-yourself tutorial

ebooks, Training videos and softwares.

N5,000 ONLY
Pay into any of the bank account details above, After payment, Text ''I paid for webdesign materials'',Your teller number, Name of bank you paid to (Keystone or Ecobank), Amount You Paid, Your full name, Email address and your phone number to 07034448879. We are going to confirm your payment from the bank and then forward your packages as downloadable attatchments to your email address for instant download. Its that simple   !!



PS - I'll advise that you stop reading this now and grab a slot.... Remember, this training is not open to everybody but only 20 lucky persons who will be fast to take up a slot.

PPS - Once I get the 20 people, I'll simply stop accepting registrations. Take my word for it!